Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

Everything Is Gonna Be Okay is a song from Hasbro Netflix Special episode “My Little Pony: Make Your Mark“. The song is sung by Pipp Petals, Jazz, and Rocky and performed by AJ Bridel, Samantha Bielanski and Jonathan Tan. The song is heard in Mane Melody clip which was premiered ahead of special’s release.

Everything Is Gonna Be Okay Lyrics

Pipp: I know you’re feeling like there’s something wrong
But don’t you worry I have just the song for you
So kick those hooves up in this comfy chair
And you’ll forget about those cares in a minute or two
Yeah, that’s what you’ll do, ooh, ooh

Jazz: You’ve got o lot on your mane
And that’s kind of tragic
But with a little bit of caring
And a touch of magic
Rocky: You’ll feel brand new
And you’ll forget what’s been troubling you

All: So put your hooves up high
‘Cause we’re feeling alright (Hey!)
Pipp: Everyday is awesome in Maretime Bay
So put your hooves up
Put your hooves up (Yeah!)
Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

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