Frustration Tears

Frustration Tears is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 3 “The Key”. The song is sung by Horse and performed by Kimiko Glenn.

Song starts from 13:01

Frustration Tears Lyrics

What are you looking at?
Nothing is happening here
Ignore my leaking eyes
These are frustration tears 

Give me some breathing room
I’m not here on display
I am a strong, strong girl
And I am here to say

I’m not crying, I’m not sobbing
I’m not blubbering, no!
I’m not weeping
I am keeping it all under control
I swear
It’s not as bad as it appears
Guys, I swear
These are frustration tears

I’m not bawling, caterwauling
Not boo-hooing, not cryin’
Not lamenting, I’m just venting
I’m not sad, I am fine!
I’m just feeling regrets
And secret fears
That are, you know, totally unrelated
To my frustration tears 

Didn’t lose it
I can prove it
Do you wanna inspect my eyes?
I’m a soldier
And you know a worthy soldier
Never cries… 

Oh gosh. Here it comes.
I’m not crying, I’m not sobbing
I’m not blubbering, no
I’m not weeping
I’m just keeping it under control
This is my deepest, darkest fear
For you to see me cry
Frustration tears

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