Giggin’ for a Livin

Giggin’ for a Livin is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 4 “Mama’s Gotta Hustle / Hooray for Mollywood!”. The song is sung by Sharon McGee and performed by Sumalee Montano and The Ghost and Molly McGee Cast.

Giggin’ for a Livin Lyrics

She’s gonna make that cash
She’s got a family to feed
Doing everything she can
To make ends meet
She’s giggin’ (giggin’ giggin’)
Giggin’ for a livin’

She’ll give your poodle a bath
Give your schnauzer a shower
She can steam clean your jeans
If you pay by the hour
She’s plugged in
Giggin’ for a livin’

She’ll cater your luncheon
and skim your pool
A centipede world would be so cool
(So many handcuffs)
Every gig, something new
Ride or die for a five-star review

She’s workin’ hard, workin’ hard
She’s on a roll, roll
Up to her elbows in toxic mold!
(Wait, what?)
She’s giggin’
(Did she say “toxic mold”?)
She’s giggin’
She’s giggin’ giggin’ giggin’
She’s giggin’ for a livin’
(Do we need to go see a doctor?)
You’ll be fine!

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