Happy Birthday to Ya

Happy Birthday to Ya is a song from Netflix musical animated film “Arlo the Alligator Boy”. The song is sung by Arlo Beauregard and Edmée and performed by Michael J. Woodard and Annie Potts.

Happy Birthday to Ya Lyrics

Arlo: You know I can’t accept gifts unless it’s my birthday. It wouldn’t be proper! Maybe I’ll just hold onto this for next year…
Edmée: Seriously? You gonna make me do this?
Arlo: Please?
Edmée: Okay!

Arlo: Oh, you shouldn’t have! Oh yeah!
Edmée: Happy-yay, happy-yo
Happy little doo-doo
Happy-hi-diddle-di-diddle-di-doo-doo (Whoo hoo!)
Happy-hey, happy-yo, happy-do-hey

Happy-yay, happy-yo
Happy little di-doo
Happy-hey-a little bit of birthday to ya
Happy little birthday
Fifteen years!
And forty-two days!
Happy little birthday to ya
Happy birthday, darling baby boy

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