Just Give (Reprise)

Just Give (Reprise) is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 3 “Getting the Band(shell) Back Together / The Greatest Concert Ever”.

Just Give (Reprise) Lyrics

Give, give what you can
Just a couple hours of your day
Can help make the world a better place
Lend a hand
Grab a tool
We don’t mind a little drool
‘Cause there’s nothing better
Than building all together

Come donate your energies (Give!)
Spackle all those crevices (Give!)
Take a break and catch some Z’s
Oh wait no, that man’s deceased
Hey! Get back in that body!
Now let’s get back to work.

Just give
Give your day away
Grab a nail gun and go nuts
Give your day away
Shout out to the guy who brought donuts
Give your day away
Give! Give! Give! Give!
Let’s make a better place to live

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