Just One Mistake

Just One Mistake is a song from 2008 Disney musical animated film “The Little Mermaid 3“. The song is sung by Marina Del Rey and performed by Sally Field.

Just One Mistake Lyrics

Marina: Benjamin, I need to find a clue
Benjamin: Or a good cuticle cream.
Marina: To get myself Sebastian’s job
To stage a little coup
A straw to break the camel’s back
A teeny dent, a tiny crack
A quiver or a quake
What I need is one mistake

Benjamin: Oh, so sorry.

Marina: Just one mistake
Benjamin: Now, color. Sardine silver?
Marina: No thanks.
Benjamin: Orange roughy?
Marina: Not in the mood.
Benjamin: Rainbow trout?
Marina: Just paint them the shade of clarified butter!

Oh, better be on his guard
Benjamin: So much for my samples.
Marina: ‘Cause I have some electric chums
And they’ll be looking very hard
A straw to break Sebastian’s back (Benjamin: Ow!)
A teeny dent, a tiny crack (Benjamin: Ooh!)
A dowdy double take
What I need is one mistake

Benjamin: Uno error.
Marina: Just one mistake
Then… Hello, world (Benjamin:  Oh my…)
It’s Marina Del Rey (Benjamin:  That’s right – three names.)
I’m the new attachée (Benjamin:  Ooh, it’s French!)
Or maybe more

Oh, I want so much more (Benjamin:  Big surprise.)
Hello, world
I’m the belle of the ball (Benjamin:  I’m feelin’ it. Big wave!)

I’m the greatest of all the loyal royal big shots

Work it, Marina
Benjamin: Pouty…
Marina: …sassy
Benjamin: …sassy

Marina: From the engine to the chassis
Marina: Got to, got to
Marina: Get it, get it
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta have it!

A straw to break the camel’s back
A teeny dent, a tiny crack
A mini mighty break
What I need is one mistake

Benjamin: Hmm…
Marina: And after that, who knows?
Sebastian’s bound to make a mistake, right?
Benjamin:  Not likely.
Marina: Dreamkiller!

Just One Mistake (Reprise)

Marina: Hello, world
It’s Marina Del Rey
I’m the new attachée
But I want more

And I’m never going back
Did you get that, clawboy?
No, I’m never going back
Fish Postman: Delivery for Miss Del Rey.
Marina: Make no mistake
I’m here to stay
Benjamin: Oh, oh… Okay
Marina: Meet the new Marina Del Rey

Benjamin: She does seem happier. Ooh!
Fish Postman: How long has she been in charge?
Benjamin: We’re going on seven minutes.

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