Last Lullaby Part 2

Last Lullaby Part 2 is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 special episode 8 “The Last Lullaby”. The song is sung by Horse and Rider and performed by Kimiko Glenn and Jessie Mueller.

Last Lullaby Part 2 Lyrics

Horse: You’re okay
You’re all right
Save your strength
We don’t have to fight anymore
It’s over
We won the war
And we can finally be together 

Rider: If you stay by my side
I’m at peace
‘Cause I know I’m finally home
I found you
I’m not alone
You made it back
That’s all that matters 

Together: Now we’re allowed to just be 
Rider: Me and you
Horse: And you and me 
Together: The soldiers can rest
The sisters can start
Their lives again

Horse: Rider?
I was searching for you
And I was so afraid… 

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