Love’s Gonna Pick You Up

Love’s Gonna Pick You Up is a song from Sony Pictures Animation musical animated film “Vivo”. The song is sung by Dancarino, Valentina and Vivo and performed by Brian Tyree Henry, Aneesa Folds and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Love’s Gonna Pick You Up Lyrics

Dancarino: Yes, I saved you
‘Cause love saved me
Vivo: What?
Dancarino: Vivo, when you found me
I was low as I could be 
Vivo: High up!
Dancarino: You picked me up 
Valentina: So high
Dancarino: And you changed my whole demeanor
Like a perfect ballerina
Yes, I found my Valentina
Valentina: That’s me!

Dancarino: I told Valentina
About the mission you were on for love
Valentina: You poor little honey bear
So tired of running
We’re going to get you there
Dancarino: And sweet Valentina said
Let’s help him from above
Valentina: So we thought we’d swing by you
Come and help you with a bird’s-eye view

Dancarino and Valentina: Love’s gonna pick you up
And never put you down
Vivo: Cool, please stop singing
We’re miles away from the ground
Dancarino and Valentina: Love’s gonna kick your butt
And drag you around
Valentina: Let’s help your friend
Then you and me fly south
Dancarino and Valentina: You take that road
To deliver that love you found
Valentina: Where we’re going
We don’t need roads, we don’t need roads
That one set of footprints
Was love dragging you around
Dancarino: Dragging you around, yeah

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