Ma Belle Evangeline

Ma Belle Evangeline is a song from 2009 Disney musical animated film “The Princess and the Frog“. The song is sung by Ray and performed by Jim Cummings.

Ma Belle Evangeline Lyrics

Ray: Look how she lights up the sky
Ma Belle Evangeline
Louis: That ain’t no fire…
Ray: So far above me
Yet I
Know her heart belongs to only me

Je t’adore
Naveen: I adore you.
Ray: Je t’aime
Naveen: I love you. I am just translating.
Ray: Evangeline

You’re my queen of the night,
So still, so bright.
That someone as beautiful as she
Could love someone like me
Tiana: Oh no. I don’t dance.

Ray: Love always finds a way is true
Tiana: I’ve never danced.
Ray: And I love you, Evangeline
Naveen: If I can mince, you can dance.
Ray: Ooh, yeah

Ray: Ooh…
Love is beautiful
Love is wonderful
Love is you agree?
Mais oui

Look how she lights up the sky
I love you, Evangeline

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