My Evil Dreams

My Evil Dreams is a song from season 4 Sofia The First episode 1 “Day of the Sorcerers”. It is sung by Cedric and Wormwood and performed by Jess Harnell and Jim Cummings.

My Evil Dreams Lyrics

Cedric: When I was growing up and they all made fun of me
I vowed that I would show them just how evil I could be
But now the day has come and the kingdom can be mine
So why am I so gloomy when I should be feeling fine
My evil dreams were my friends when I was all alone
My evil schemes made me feel like I had a home

But now it seems that I’ve changed
I don’t know what to do
My evil dreams could come true
But I’m not sure I want them to.

Wormwood: The Princess may be nice to you but what about the rest?
All those who point and laugh at you must see that you’re the best.
Cedric: I’ve always had so much to prove
I cannot hesitate
It’s time for me to make my move and be Cedric the Great
My evil dreams are my friends when I am alone
My evil schemes make me feel like I have a home
My evil dream
Nothing’s changed
I know just what to do
My evil dreams will come through
Now that I’m sure I want them to

And then at last
Yes at last
My evil dreams will finally come true

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