No More Distractions

No More Distractions is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 17 “The Lucky Penny / Lock, Stock, and Peril”.

No More Distractions Lyrics

No more distractions
They can’t stop, won’t stop
They’ve heard the hero’s call
No time for cupcakes or kittens
No time for naps in the free massage chair
At the mall

No more distractions
They drive by the playground
Ignoring all of their friends
Libby: Molly?
We made way too many wieners
Who wants a free dog?
Sorry, but it won’t be them

No more distractions It’s a four-minute drive
And they won’t stop until they get back
I know, it’s a pretty low bar for heroic
But hey, that’s supposed where we’re at

It’s the grilled cheese food truck
On BOGO day
That’s the dolphin exhibit,
Chinese buffet
Nothing’s gonna ever make
a (indistinct)
No more dis…
(Oh, man. That’s good.
Yeah, it was worth it.
All right. Let’s get home.)


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