Portrait Day

Portrait Day is a song from Hasbro Netflix series “My Little Pony: Make Your Mark” season 1 episode 3 “Portrait of a Princess”. The song is sung by Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm and performed by AJ Bridel and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

Portrait Day Lyrics

Be still, don’t move
It’s easy to smile
With you by my side

Don’t blink (Don’t blink…)
Big smile (Big smile…)
Just being with you, my heart opens

(Care for you through thick and thin
We’re not the same, but I know we’ve been
Find yourselves on different pages
Different notes mean bigger stages…)

As it all comes clear to me
You’re my best friend, my family
I want to capture this moment
As we hit our stride
With you by my, you by my
This portrait day, I want you by my side

Portrait Day Soundtrack Version

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