Queen of Song

Queen of Song is a song from Dreamworks Netflix Show Dragons: Resque Riders special musical episode “Secrets of the Songwing“. The song is sung by Melodia and other dragons and performed by Renée Elise Goldsberry and Dragons: Resque Riders Cast.

Queen of Song Lyrics

First Part
Aggro: Melodia, Melodia, our queen of song
She’s got a heart of gold and can do no wrong.
Melodia: Oh, Burple and Cutter, the two best friends
Come join my concert that never ends
Burple: We are best buddies, that’s for sure.

Second Part
Aggro, Laburn and Cinda:
Melodia, Melodia. Beloved Songstress
Snoop: As singers go, you are so the best-est.
Everyone: Melodia, Melodia the joy she’s bringing
Just as long as you can keep on singing

Third Part
Fathom and Gill: Melodia, Melodia, her voice we really love
We’ll sing her songs forever, underwater or above.
Melodia’s the most wonderful leader of all.
Listen to her voice you can’t resist her call


Everyone: Fly to us, our queen of song.
Melodia, it’s been too long
Hear us now, answer our call
When we sing, we have it all.

We need your voice so urgently
So, we can be in harmony
Fly to us, our queen of song
Melodia, it’s been too long
Hear us now, answer our call.

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