Song of Jams

Song of Jams is a song from russian tv series, episode “Jam Day” The song is performed by Elsie Fisher.

Song of Jams Lyrics

Got to get the “pandemonium,”
And that means all pans and pots.
Clear the way! I need to make room
To make jam and to make lots.

What was on the garden patches,
What grew on the tree I got,
Made from it some mix-and-matches,
Put it all in one big pot.

I’ll add carrots for some nice zest
To the Portobello jams.
But the juiciest and sweetest
Will be pinecones and the yams!

I peek in, and as I’m looking
At the weird brew, I yell,
“Now I know what’s really cooking!
I am in a jam, as well!

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