The Butt of the Joke

The Butt of the Joke is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 6 “Holes: Part 2”. The song is sung by The Tail and Horse and performed by Paul F. Tompkins and Kimiko Glenn.

Song starts from 25:46

The Butt of the Joke Lyrics

Tail: Whoa 
Somebody give me a microphone 
Horse: Please don’t.
Tail: Somebody lend me the stage
Horse: Oh my gosh
Tail: I’m here because I have to
Make you split your sides with laughter
So glad you let me out of my cage 
Horse: Your splitting my sides, all right

Tail: Somebody let me entertain you 
Horse: I’m good.
Tail: I’m kinda the comedic holy grail 
Horse: No, you’re not!
I didn’t wanna share this
Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed 
Tail: Well, hello there, So Embarrassed
My name’s Tail 

Tail: You might think
That I’m the butt of the joke 
Horse: Cute.
Tail: But I tell ya
When I’m up here, I never choke
The spotlight isn’t scary
When you’re eyeless, limp, and hairy 
Horse: What?
Tail: I’m the main attraction! Get it?
Have a laugh with me, folks

Tail: Say, I’ve got a joke
about paper that’s tear-ible!
Horse: Oh, that is so bad.
Tail: I got another joke about towels,
but it’s a little dry.
Horse: Okay. I will chop you off and I’m--

Tail: Say, where do you keep
the skeletons locked up?
Horse: I don’t--
Tail: In a rib cage!
One for the prison crowd.
Horse: Okay. Know what?
That’s enough. Stop it, okay?
Tail: Airplane food, am I right?
What’s that have to do with--
Horse: That doesn’t even make--
Ow, ow, ow, ow!
Did you just bite me?
Tail: Maybe.

Tail: Could you tail?
Horse: Oh, somebody get me some scissors.

Tail: So now you see 
I don’t mind being
The butt of the joke
Horse: Guess this is my life now 
Tail: I’m just here to provoke
Make you laugh till you croak 
‘Cause I am 
The butt of the joke 

Thank you so much, folks!
I am here all night.
You can find me
attached to this horse’s behind.

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