The Riddle Of The Sphinx

The Riddle Of The Sphinx is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 1 episode 5 “Ridley’s Babysitter Club/Riddle Me This”. The song is sung by Sphinx and performed by Yvette Nicole Brown.

Song starts from 10:15

The Riddle Of The Sphinx Lyrics

Life’s not always easy
When you’re born a sphinx
If you want the truth
In fact, it kinda stinks
Got a little secret
And I guard it well
But I really want to tell

Only way to see the treasure
That I guard
Is to solve a riddle
That’s, like, super hard
Wish someone would solve it
But they never do
And I can’t give them a clue

It’s the Riddle of the Sphinx
It’s the Riddle of the Sphinx
Though it’s sorta cool
To roam from town to town
All I wanna do
Is just to settle down
‘Cause I’ll never really
Find a friend, you see
Till someone solves the mystery

Can’t help you and it stinks
It’s the Riddle of the Sphinx
Just a little Riddle of the Sphinx

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