We’ve Been Watching You

We’ve Been Watching You is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 2 “All Herd All the Terd”. The song is sung by birdtaurs and performed by Scott Hoying, Grey Griffin, Kimiko Glenn and The Centaurworld Cast.

We’ve Been Watching You Lyrics

I mean, you don’t even know how vast
our fan community network
is up here, Horse.
We’ve got, like, clubs within clubs
just dedicated to you.
We’re just like a bunch of newborn baby
birdtaurs hungry to devour your content.
That’s a little weird, but thank you?

We’ve been watching you
We’ve been binge-watching you 
We are obsessing every day
-This seems neurotic.
We are fangirling hard
Wrote fiction, made some art
We’ve shipped you every different way
But we’re platonic

My name is Mouthpiece
But you’d know me by my username
That’s when my birthday is
These owl, geese, pheasant
Sparrow, duck and kiwitaurs
Made so much merch outta you
We’re in the fandom biz!

So glad Horse made us so sad
That Rider is gone
Where’d that girl go?
What went on inside of the Rift?
Who cares?
The herd’s here for Herd Con!
What is Herd Con?
We’ve been binge-watching you
And you’re our favorite show that’s on 

Well, this is overwhelming, isn’t it?
I mean, who knew all this time
that we were celebrities?
Oh, uh, to clarify,
not all of you are celebrities.
What are you saying?
I mean, maybe some of you are,
like, not as popular as others.
Well, I don’t understand, Mouthpiece.
You just said we’re the most popular--

Well, the Horse Force
Is for the Horse fans, of course
And the Ched Heads
Have the handsomest mugs
We’re Hot Gosslings!
Team Durp!
Glendale’s Pregnancy Hole Children!
And Dougligans are fans
Of the great Comfortable Doug 

Comfortable Doug
Comfortable Doug
Comfortable, Comfortable
Comfortable Doug
Comfortable Doug 
Comfortable Doug 
Comfortable, Comfortable Doug
Okay, okay, okay, okay, I think we get it.
Ya like Comfortable Doug, Mouthpiece.
Now, what is
the Wammawink fan club called? Hm?
Who, uh… Whe… Where are
the Wammawink fans, Mouthpiece?
Answer me, Mouthpiece. Mouthpiece!
Why don’t you tell me, Mouthpiece?
You’re hurting me.
Oh yeah, she does that sometimes.

The only thing
Those fan clubs can agree on
Is that Wammawink’s
The worst

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