What Songs Will Be In Disney Wish 2023 Cartoon?

Yesterday Disney released official trailer for its upcoming animated movie Wish. The song This Wish is heard in the trailer, however this song also was featured in teaser trailer early. But what do we know about rest songs from the musical?

There will be 8-9 songs in the movie:
Welcome to Rosas is an opening song, sung by Asha when she tells about her city and kingdom where she lives.
This Wish – Asha’s song that was shown in teaser and in trailer plus Ariana DeBose performed it live on 2022 D23 Expo
I’m a Star – song sung by creatures about Star
This is the Thanks I Get – King Magnifico’s song, classic villain’s song
Unnamed unknown song
Reprise song (may be reprise of I wish)
Unnamed duet song between Asha and King Magnifico
Unnamed credits song, (performed by Julia Michaels if the rumors correct)

Animated film will be released on November 22, 2023. 

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