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Dr. Doofenshmirtz Theme Song Takeover (Milo Murphu’s Law)

Dr. Doofenshmirtz Theme Song Takeover is an oppening song from Disney TV Show “Milo Murphy’s Law”. The song is sung by Dr. Doofenshmirtz and performed by Dan Povenmire. It’s a parody version of Milo Murphy’s Law Theme Song.

It’s My World And We’re All Living in It Lyrics (Intro)

Heinz Doofenshmirtz: Look at that sun, look at that sky
Take a gander at my lab coat, I look so fly!
Look at that mailbox, look at that tree- oh! Ow, ow!
Ok, the tree fell on me. The tree fell on me.
A little help?

A five, six, seven, eight.
It’s about as beautiful as it can be.
Ow, that went right over my foot! Ow, ow!
Where were we?
Today is gonna be incredible.
Never boring ev- ow! That was a safe!
Oh! Okay, a toilet? That’s insult to injury.

Aw. No, no! Ah! Wait! Wait! Waaiit!
Oh, oh man. That was so much harder than I thought it…wait!
Are these arrows? Who’s shooting arrows at me?! Who’s shooting-
I think somebody give me a heads up about the giant logo…
Oh, hi Perry the Platypus!

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Sasha Theme Song Takeover (Amphibia)

Sasha Theme Song Takeover is a song from Disney Channel TV Show Amphibia. The song is sung by Sasha and performed by Anna Akana. It’s a parody version of Amphibia Theme Song.

Sasha Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

I showed up here in the swamp
With all these nasty weird toad dudes
Their boss, Grime, threw me in jail
With only bugs for food

But then I helped fight these monster herons
And taught Grime to be a charmer
I gave up despairing
‘Cause Grime made me lieutenant with this dope armor

I trained the toad army
I overworked them ’til they cry
Every morning, I would teach them tai chi
And do frog jumps ’til it hurt
All the toads adored me
We even made these custom t-shirts
I got my own palace
With this much improved cuisine
Now the toads all treat me like their queen

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Marcy Theme Song Takeover (Amphibia)

Marcy Theme Song Takeover is a song from Disney Channel TV Show Amphibia. The song is sung by Marcy and performed by Haley Tju. It’s a parody version of Amphibia Theme Song.

Marcy Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

Woke up in Newtopia where I fell down a flight of stairs
Broke my leg but luckily the newts have free public health care
So then I became a loyal ranger and I fought this creepy cult
Kept folks out of danger slaying a killer cobra with a catapult

I lived on a warship
Became a flipwart champion
Soon I was the king’s trusted advisor
I studied salamander brains
Tried bug appetizers
And for fun DMed some campaigns

Okay, if you want to pick up the longsword I need you to roll for a Strength check
Because your character is, like a little wood elf and, uh… This’ll be fun eventually, guys. Trust me.

I love it in Amphibia
So much adventure still to see
Hope nothing bad ever happens to me

8-bit Theme Song Takeover

Anne and Sprig play a video game that transforms the Amphibia theme song into an 8-bit video game version!

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Launchpad Theme Song Takeover (Ducktales)

Launchpad Theme Song Takeover is a parody song from Disney’s TV Series Ducktales. The song is sung by Launchpad and performed by Beck Bennett. It’s a parody version of Ducktales 2017 Theme Song.

Launchpad Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

Life is like an aeroplane
Here in Duckburg
Airplanes, airplanes, aeroplanes!
It’s a duck blur
Might fly an airplane
Or crash that airplane

Now I’m on a boat with Dewey
DuckTales! Woo-oo!
Hey, a scooter! WHOOPS! Kablooey!
DuckTales! Woo-oo!

I’ll catch up in a sec or two
Guys, look out, some guy’s behind you!
Even worse, here comes the key change!

DuckTales! Woo-oo!
Jump in the plane for the refrain
DuckTales! Woo-oo!
Wait, ducks have tails
I just got that
That’s why the name of the show is
DuckTales! Woo-oo!

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Glomgold Theme Song Takeover (Ducktales)

Glomgold Theme Song Takeover is a song from Disney’s TV Series Ducktales. The song is sung by Glomgold and performed by Keith Ferguson. It’s a parody version of Ducktales 2017 Theme Song.

Glomgold Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

Life is like an evil scheme, here on GlomTales
Sharks and bombs and Scrooge’s screams, it cannae GlomFail
Cannae top my grand plan, to beat that Scotsman

Technically I’m Scottish as well
Uugggghhh—Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks

What’s next? Oh yeah!

C-C-C-CG, it’s so fancy
Once Scrooge sees this, there’s no chance he
Cannae compete with the glory of GlomTales!

Bravest, strongest, and most modest, GlomTales!
Okay, we ran out of budget, but kids 6 to 10 will love it

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Gramma Theme Song Takeover (Big City Greens)

Gramma Theme Song Takeover is a parody song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens”. The song is sung by Gramma and performed by Artemis Pebdani. It’s a parody version of Big City Greens Theme Song.

Gramma Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

Back in my day life was tough
We didn’t have phones or modern stuff
I rode to school ten miles on a beaver
There were no meds when I got swamp fever

I never complained as I was-
Driving before there were brakes
Sharing baths with poison snakes
I worked in the mine,
And brushed my teeth with a porcupine

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Shorty Theme Song Takeover (Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure)

Shorty Theme Song Takeover is a song from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. It is sung by Shorty and performed by Paul F. Tompkins. It’s a parody version of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Theme Song.

Shorty Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

I’ve got the wind in my beard
And an ache in my gut
‘Cause I ate spoiled halibut
I’ve got a goat who is treasured
By all and revered

My heart is gentle as silk
I love takings baths in goat milk (It’s not weird)
Hey! This toe jam just appeared
I got wind in my beard

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