Ask the Tweedles

Ask the Tweedles is a song from Disney Junior’s TV Series “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery” season 1 episode 16a “Meet the Tweedles”. The song is sung by Tweedles and performed by Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan.

Ask the Tweedles Lyrics

Tweedles: So you’ve got yourself a problem
And you don’t know what to do
You got to pick between two choices
But it isn’t clear to you
You look high, you look low
Talk to everyone you know
But have you considered
Maybe you should
Alice: What?
Tweedles: Ask the tweedles

Tweedle Do
Tweedle Don’t
Tweedle will
Tweedle won’t
When you need help finding something
There’s the haystack, where’s the needle
I know what you should do (Me too)
Ask the tweedles

Tweedle Yes
Tweedle No
Tweedle maybe
Tweedle so
Clarify a point a facts
Are the ladybug or beetle
I know what you should do (I do not)
Ask the tweedles

When the questions got you puzzled
And you need to find your voice
The best helping hands in Wonderland
Well, that’s an easy choice
Hey, you know what she should do?
I can tell you what I’d do
Let’s say it on the count of two
Ask the tweedles

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