Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery is Disney Junior’s 3D animated TV Show based on the Disney franchise Alice in Wonderland Each episode contains one song. The season 1 release date is 9 February, 2022. The season 1 soundtrack has the same release date 9 February, 2022.


  1. Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Theme Song    
  2. This’ll Take the Cake
  3. The Baking Song
  4. Method to the Madness
  5. A Taste of Home
  6. Start From Scratch
  7. Food for Thought
  8. Too Much of a Good Thing 
  9. Down to Dodo Beach
  10. Fastest Wheels
  11. Follow the Recipe
  12. A Very Merry Unbirthday
  13. Feeling of Food
  14. Let’s Dish!
  15. Baking is a Breeze
  16. Beyond the Garden Wall 
  17. Wouldn’t Be Wonderland Without You
  18. Deal Me Innie
  19. Sing with a Flower
  20. Ask the Tweedles
  21. Let Your Bubble Float By
  22. A Rose Always Knows

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