Let’s Dish!

Let’s Dish! is a song from Disney Junior’s TV Series “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery” season 1 episode 10a “Potato Potahto”. The song is sung by Alice, Fergie and Princess Rosa and performed by Libby Rue, Jack Stanton and Abigail Estrella.

Let’s Dish! Lyrics

Alice: First, I pile on potatoes and butter, and I mash
Fergie: Well, my hopping taters start with the bounce and smash
The milk makes them fluffy as could ever dream
Alice: Like when I whisk, whisk, whisk
In this wonderland cream
These dreamy potatoes mine are quite delicious 
So come on now, Fergie, let’s dish

Princess Rosa: The potatoes are off to a great start. What do you add next?

Alice: Well, there’s paprika, oregano and thyme 
Fergie: Let me stop you there, Alice ‘cause the same are in mind
Alice: Zucchini 
Fergie: Aubergine
Alice: The best squash
Fergie: Pish posh
Princess Rosa: I hope the smell of garlic will come out in the wash

Alice and Fergie: My flavorful potatoes. 
Our morning yummy-ish
Fergie: So come on now, Alice, let’s dish

Alice: It’s like my great grandma is here with me
As I chop and stir and flour
Fergie: A taste that travels through the ears
From great grandrabbit to these bunny ears
Alice: Like the one and only…
Fergie: My potato dish to adore…
All: To adore…

Both: These dreamy potatoes
Straight from our microwaves
Alice: So come on now, Fergie
Fergie: So come on now, Alice,
Both: Let’s dish

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