Fastest Wheels

Fastest Wheels is a song from Disney Junior’s TV Series “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery” season 1 episode 7a “Order Up!”. The song is sung by Hattie and Fergie and performed by CJ Uy and Jack Stanton.

Fastest Wheels Lyrics

Hattie: People of Wonderland listen up
Mad Hatter on the mic live from his teacup
Two orders down and I’m in the lead
And hats down moving at the highest speed

Fergie: Ears up,’cause Fergie is coming in hot
Tipthe fork in the road it’s the best shortcut
You want two orders I’m already on eight
Better hurry up or you’re gonna be late

Together: So buckle up your grab and soar
I have what it takes to win the race
We’ll lend our friend Alice a hand
Delivering meals
The fastest meals in Wonderland

Start your teacup and hold your horn
I have what it takes to pick up the pace
Call me a driver on demand
Delivering meals
The fastest meals in Wonderland

Delivering treats from our teacup seats
The fastest wheels
Fastest wheels
In Wonderland

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