This’ll Take the Cake

This’ll Take the Cake is a song from Disney Junior’s TV Series “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery” season 1 episode 1. The song is sung by Alice and performed by Libby Rue.

This’ll Take the Cake Lyrics

Alice: Here we go, whisk in hand
This unbirthday thing I wanna understand
I’ll admit, I’m unsure
It’s unusual, unconventional
Unlike anything I’ve done before

Grab a spoon, put the pans, catch the eggs and take my lead
Add a burst of sparkle berries this recipe must succeed
We’ll wow her with the flavor to fix our big mistake
This unbirthday party well, it’s gonna take the cake

What a curious convention I have my fingers crossed
I’m learning as I go each rainbow layer we brush

Add the pink marmalade on the top just a dollop or two
Fergie and Hattie: Or maybe three
Alice: We gotta fix this royal mess by trying something new
Fergie and Hattie: We both agree

Alice: An unbirthday like no other to cure a heart that aches
For the princess I know this’ll take the cake
For the princess I know this’ll take the cake

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