Before You Go

Before You Go is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 9 “The Rift: Part 1”. The song is sung by Horse, Wammawink and Ched and performed by Kimiko Glenn, Megan Hilty and Chris Diamontopolous.

Song starts from 42:43

Before You Go Lyrics

Wammawink: This will take just a minute
This will only take second of your time
I see you’re heading out
But need I remind you
That we haven’t technically
Said goodbye yet

Just wait for a moment
Centaurworld has rules
By which we must abide
Things to do before you leave our side
Like magicking a bunch of tiny teapots
‘Cause teapots are a thing
Everybody needs, right?

Oh, before you go
You kind of owe
A bit of quality time with friends
Who likely won’t see you again
Horse: But I--

Wammawink: Oh, before you go 
There are a few traditions
Bobs and bits
And kindnesses to show, like…
Horse: Like?
Wammawink: Yes!

Yes. Like, uh…
Farewell toasts in secret places
All while making tiny faces
Catch Fishtaurs in the stream
Using Ched as bait

I didn’t agree to this.
Choreograph friendship dances
Group crochets, bye prances
Sewing tiny hats
While journaling our dreams ♪
Horse: Wammawink, I gotta go.
Wammawink: Yeah, but there’s, like, more.
Decorating Gigglecakes
Magicking a jelly lake
Something – Whatever
We make burnt offerings to Trebbor
Horse: Who’s he?
Wammawink: A friend or something.
Then we shoot tiny versions of ourselves
From our hooves 
Horse: Okay, I’m gonna start walkin’ this way.

Wammawink: And so 
Before you go
Just thought you ought to know
That some of us have not accepted
You’re leaving
And they’re not prepared for grieving
I am going to miss you so much, Horse.

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