Captain Dewey Song

Captain Dewey Song is a song from Disney’s TV Series Ducktales episode “Sky Pirates…in the Sky!”. The song is sung by Deweyand pirates and performed by Ben Schwartz and Ducktales Cast. It’s a reprise of Don Karnage Sky Pirates Song.

Captain Dewey Song Lyrics

Chorus: Yo-ho-yo


Ugly Mug: Prepare ye lads to be surprised
Chorus: The same ol’ shanty now reprised
Cruel and vicious hearties we
Who occasionally like to get jazzy

Dewey: ‘Tis I who lead this fearsome crewy
With dagger, swagger, derring-

McDucks: Dewey?!

Dewey: Yes, look at me, the main attraction
With stories full of daring action
Perhaps you finally won’t ignore us
So bend your ear and hear some from the chorus

Stinky Boot: Ahoy to you, I’m Stinky Boot
Me pride and joy be plunderin’ loot
Ugly Mug: Me mateys call me Ugly Mug
But I prefer to go by Jitterbug

Dewey:Alright, that’s enough, guys-

Peg Leg Meg: I’m Peg Leg Meg, the ship’s first mate
My high kicks truly are first rate
Dewey:Oh, okay-
Hardtack Hattie: There she blows, I’m Hardtack Hattie
Dewey: Maybe just let me take the lead here-Hardtack Hattie: My dancing skills, they just might drive you batty!
Twins: Bonjour, we’re ze twins with a rhythmical knack
One-Eyed Linda
And Two-Toothed Jack
Intern: I’m just an intern for the summer
Dewey:Come on!
Intern: But it feels like this song has gone on forever

Dewey:Okay, let’s wrap it up.

Ugly Mug: Heave ho, below,
It’s time to go!

Chorus: We dearly hope that you liked our show
Ugly Mug: I mean, ’cause yer heart, we already stole
Chorus: We’ll open up our ship
And swallow you whole!
Dewey:We’ll open up your ship and swallow you whole!
Chorus: Yo-ho!

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