Don Karnage (Sky Pirates) Song

Don Karnage (Sky Pirates) Song is a song from Disney’s TV Series Ducktales episode “Sky Pirates…in the Sky!”. The song is sung by Don Karnage and Sky Pirates and performed by Jaime Camil and Ducktales Cast. The song has a reprise.

 Don Karnage (Sky Pirates) Song Lyrics



Pirate: Avast ye lads who be fainthearted!
Chorus: We rule these skies uncharted
Cruel and vicious hearties we
Who sail upon the skies and not the sea!

Don Karnage: ‘Tis I who lead this fearsome crew
With dagger, swagger, derring-do!
Handsome and fearsome and suave

Chorus: He’s the famous pirate captain
Don Karnage!

Hoist the flag and weigh the anchors
Circle the ship and pull to flank ‘er
Hi-ho, he lives to plunder

Don Karnage: It’s true, I live to plunder

Chorus: High up in the sky amidst a sea of storm and thunder

Don Karnage: Now back to me, the main event
A pernicious, vicious raucous gent!
A frustratingly charming blaggart
Chorus: He’ll steal all of your treasure and your heart!
Don Karnage:And now we dance! Ha!

Chorus: He’s Don Karnage!Don Karnage:That’s me!
Scrooge McDuck:Wait, what?
Chorus: It’s Don Karnage!
Don Karnage:Still me! A-ha-ha-ha
Chorus: Pilfer the loot to fill our coffers
Parrot:Been a pleasure to take it off ya!
Chorus: We’ll put on a show
Pirate: Then steal yer dough!
Chorus: And then into the clouds, away we go
Don Karnage: To the clouds, away I go
Chorus: Yo-ho!

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