Cat in the Night

Cat in the Night is a song from Christmas Musical episode “Santa Claws” from the TV series: Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It is sung by Cat Noir and performed by Bryce Papenbrook and Max Mittelman.

Cat in the Night Lyrics

Cat Noir:
It’s Christmas in Paris, all is cheery and bright,
But I am all alone tonight.
Families are together with their gifts by their side;
Only Cat Noir’s alone tonight.

There’s no warmth for me, no tenderness for me,
I’m alone like a cat in the night.
I’m a sad lonely kitty, won’t anyone take pity?
Cat Noir is alone tonight.
Cat Noir is alone tonight.

No one cares about me, if I’m lost or I’m found,
Then I’m just like a cat in the night!
I’ll take your symbol of joy and burn it to the ground.
I’m the vengeful cat of the night.
I’m the vengeful cat of the night.


Cat Noir (speaking):
I can’t do it! I can’t do it!

Brand New Day

Cat Noir:
I’m cold and alone, I don’t want to be in pain
All that anger was all in vain
I need to go back home to try and find a way
Tomorrow will be a brand new day

Cat Noir (speaking):
Let’s go home now. Plagg, claws in. (Cat Noir turns back into Adrien)
Plagg? Plagg!?

I wish that I could help you, to assist your transformation
But I can’t Adrien, don’t you see?
I’m tired and distressed, I’ve got nothing to digest
I’m weak and I’m running on empty

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