Don’t Cost Nothing

Don’t Cost Nothing is a song from Cartoon Network TV Series “Steven Universe” season 3 episode 8 “Mr. Greg”. The song is sung by Greg and Steven and performed by Tom Scharpling and Zach Callison and the reprise of the song is sung by Greg and Pearl and performed by Tom Scharpling and Deedee Magno-Hall.

Don’t Cost Nothing Lyrics

Greg: Bright sunny day don’t cost nothing
Light summer breeze don’t cost nothing
What do I do with all this money?
When the only thing I want is you

Palling around don’t cost nothing
Singing a song don’t cost nothing
How do I spend all this money?
I’d rather just spend time with you
Steven: You could buy a house and a car
Greg: I guess that I can but I’ve already got a van
I could put you through college
Steven: But I’m with the Gems all the time
Greg: Or I could buy you all the finest courses online

Steven: What if we took a trip?
Greg: Do you think?
Steven: Yeah I do! We could take a vacation
We could go somewhere new

n’t Cost Nothing Reprise Lyrics

Greg: Tailor-made suits, those cost something
Room with a view, those cost something
Pearl: Dancing with you
Greg: Don’t cost nothing
Pearl: Why’d we even come, we could’ve done this at home

Singing a song, don’t cost nothing
Or was it palling around, don’t cost nothing
Getting it wrong
Greg: Don’t cost nothing
Pearl: I tried
Greg: I’m surprised you remembered any of it
Pearl: What can I say, it’s catchy
Steven: It’s over, isn’t it?
It’s over, isn’t it?
It’s over, isn’t it…

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