Drift Away

Drift Away is a song from musical television film “Steven Universe: The Movie” which is based on the Cartoon Network TV Series “Steven Universe”. The song is sung by Spinel and performed by Sarah Stiles.

Drift Away Lyrics

Here in the garden,
Let’s play a game,
I’ll show you how it’s done
Here in the garden,
Stand very still,
This’ll be so much fun
And then she smiled, that’s what I’m after,
The smile in her eyes, the sound of her laughter
Happy to listen,
Happy to play,
Happily watching her drift… away

Happily waiting,
All on my own,
Under the endless sky
Counting the seconds, standing alone,
As thousands of years go by
Happily wondering, night after night,
Is this how it works?
Am I doing it right?
Happy to listen, happy to stay,
Happily watching her drift… away

You keep on turning pages, for people who don’t care,
People who don’t care,
About you
And still it takes you ages,
To see that no one’s there,
See that no one’s there,
See that no one’s there,
Everyone’s gone on, without you

Finally something
Finally news
About how the story ends
She doesn’t exist now,
Survived by her son,
And all of her brand new friends

Isn’t that lovely?
Isn’t that cool?
And isn’t that cruel?
And aren’t I a fool to have,
Happily listened,
Happy to stay,
Happily watching her drift…

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