Enhappify is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 16 “Citizen McGee / The Internship”. The song is sung by Molly McGee and performed by Ashly Burch.

Enhappify Lyrics

Molly: When I’m down
Feelin’ blue
When I’m surrounded by a nightmarish mileu- whoa!
I can change the world
I can make it better if I try
All I ever wanna do is
Enhappify! (Enhappify!)

Wipe the counter, mop the floor, clear the cobwebs from the case
Move the taxidermied possum to a less prominent place
Who cares if there’s a funky, skunky odor floating by?
I’ll just breathe through my mouth
And enhapp- (coughing)
Oh, it smells so bad.

Once I start enhappifying,
I don’t plan on stopping
Say goodbye to broken watches, tattered kites
And old skunk droppings

Scratch: Uh, no, what I asked you for was an iced decaf 10-pump caramel mocha latte, what you brought me is an iced decaf 10-pump caramel mocha frappe. Completely different drink!

Molly: Enhappify!
Enhappify, enhappify!

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