Farfus the Dragon

Farfus the Dragon is a song from Disney TV Show “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” season 1 special episode “Mickey The Brave”. The song is performed by Bret Iwan, April Winchell, Nika Futterman, Tress MacNeille, Tony Anselmo, Bill Farmer, Kaitlyn Robrock and Jim Cummings.

Farfus the Dragon Lyrics

Farfus the dragon, he’s terrible and mean
His dragonbreath will blow your house
Right down to smithereens
Farfus the dragon will swoop out of them skies
And then he makes an awful mess
And gobbles up your pies

He’s fearsome and fero-cious
He’s awful and atro-cious
He’s dreadful ’cause you know he is
A dragon

Farfus the dragon will trouble you no more
For now you haveyour heroes here
To save the day for sure
Farfus the dragon, you’ve made the village mad
But daring knights are here to learn
Are dragons good or bad?

Farfus the Dragon Reprise

Farfus the Dragon Soundtrack Version

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