Fathoms Below

Fathoms Below is a song from 1989 Disney musical animated film “The Little Mermaid“. The song is sung by Ship’s Chorus and performed by The Little Mermaid Cast.

Fathoms Below Lyrics

I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
And it’s hey to the starboard, heave-ho
Look out, lad, a mermaid be waiting for you
In mysterious fathoms below

[Speaking part
Eric: Ah, isn’t this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. Ah, perfect day to be at sea.
Grimsby: Oh yes, delightful.
Sailor 1: A fine, strong wind and a following sea! King Triton must be in a friendly-type mood!
Eric: King Triton?!
Sailor 2: Why ruler of the merpeople, lad. Thought every good sailor knew about him.
Chorus: Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
Grimsby: Merpeople? Eric, pay no attention to this nautical nonsense.
Sailor 2: But it ain’t nonsense, it’s the truth. I’m tellin’ you, down in the depth of the ocean they live.]

In mysterious fathoms below

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