For the First Time

For the First Time is a song from 2023 Disney musical live-action film “The Little Mermaid (2023)“. The song is sung by Ariel and performed by Halle Bailey.

For the First Time Lyrics

Look at the sun and the sky and the sand and
The sea behind me
Look at me, suddenly I am on land and I’m free
Don’t mind me as I
Climb for the first time
Jump for the first time
Trying to stand but this gravity’s pulling me down

Look, it’s a fire, it’s warm and it glows
And it lights this chamber
Let me admire it—, ow, get too close and it bites
I came too close for the first time
Burned for the first time
Everything’s clearer and brighter and hotter
But now that I’m here like a fish out of water
I’m trying to stand but this gravity’s pulling me down

Are we only food for slaughter
Is this life on land?
Well, you were lonely underwater
Come on, Ariel, time to stand

Squeeze in the shoes and the corset, it’s tight
And the seams are bursting
Some women choose this, I guess it’s alright
Are my dreams adjusting?

As I wait for the first time
Here for the first time
Now for the first time
He’s coming through those doors
Up the stairs
From the shore
From that moment
And he’ll smile
Like he knows
When I say—

Realize the prize that you paid with your voice
As he turns from you
Those sacrifices you made were a choice
That you can’t undo
Lost for the first time
Scared for the first time
Gravity feels like an undertow pulling me down

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