General’s Battle Song

General’s Battle Song is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 special episode 8 “The Last Lullaby”. The song is sung by General and others and performed by Brian d’Arcy James, Jessie Mueller, Dee Bradley Baker and Megan Hilty.

General’s Battle Song Lyrics

-Sorry we’re late to the party.
-I just had to pick up a few friends.
-Sir! You made it.
McCarpy. Bisi… that guy,
I need your troops to aid the centaurs
while we sweep toward the Nowhere King.
We’ll meet on the other side of the Rift.
-Yes, sir.
-Now come on, kid. You’re with me.
Really? I mean, yes, sir.
Oh my.
-And what can I do?
-Can you fight?
-Then I guess you’re coming too.
-Let’s go.

‘Cause if we move as one
Our side can win the war
My army’s here
We’re the best at slaying Minotaurs
Don’t think
Trust your instincts 
No blinking
Sink your swords into them all
Like this?
That’s it, kid, watch your back

We gotta make sure to protect ourselves
So we can go protect these worlds
Can’t do it
If we’re six feet underground

And some of us are destined
For greater things
So we must choose to take
A harder path around
I know you have
And I’ve been around
For a long time, kid 
It’s not my first showdown with evil 
I’ll teach you all that I can 
Together, we can fight
To save our people

The Nowhere King is here to end the war
Men, best beware of him 
Bring the monster to me live, unharmed
And I’ll take care of him 
My method’s battle-tested
I know the way to best him 

Hello, black mirror
My oldest enemy

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