Happy Day in Hell

Happy Day in Hell is a song from adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel”. The song is sung by Charlie and performed by Erika Henningsen.

Happy Day in Hell Lyrics

Charlie: I can do this
Somehow I know it
I’ll get heaven behind my plans
(Charlie, hold on.)

There’s just no way
I could blow it
Not this once in a lifetime chance
(It’s just a meeting.)

To change their minds
And touch their hearts,
Or whatever angels have
(This could be bad.)

Cheer up, Vaggie
This could be swell
Something tells me that today
Will be a happy day
in Hell

(Okay, but just don’t sing to them.
Is she…
Oh, she’s dancin’

There’s a warm fuzzy feeling
That wafts through the air
Every street’s so revealing
it’s hard not to stare
It’s a realm so appealing
It beats anywhere,
If you don’t mind the smell

Today is gonna be a f*cking happy day
In Hell

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