Happy Day in Hell

Happy Day in Hell is a song from adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” season 1 episode 1. The song is sung by Charlie, Vaggie and others and performed by Erika Henningsen, Stephanie Beatriz, Mick Lauer, Keith David, Blake Roman.

Happy Day in Hell Lyrics

Charlie Morningstar: I can do this! Somehow, I know it!
I’ll get Heaven behind my plans!
Vaggie: Charlie, hold on…
Charlie: There’s just no way I could blow it
Not this once-in-a-lifetime chance!
Vaggie: It’s just a meeting.

Charlie: To change their minds
And touch their hearts
Or… whatever angels have!
Vaggie: This could be bad…
Charlie: Cheer up, Vaggie!
This could be swell!
Something tells me that today will be a happy day in Hell!

Vaggie: Okay, but just don’t… sing to them.
Angel Dust: That b*tch is halfway down the street!
Vaggie: Is she—?
Angel Dust: Oh, she’s dancin’!
Vaggie: Ugh, no…

Charlie: There’s a warm, fuzzy feeling
That wafts through the air
Every street so revealing
It’s hard not to stare!
It’s a realm so appealing it beats anywhеre
If you don’t mind the smell…
It’s a happy day in Hell!

Hi, mister! (Demon: Go f*ck yourself!)
Demon: There’s an endless trash fire that’s burning my soul (Charlie: Hello!)
Imp: And a ton of barbed wire to shove in his hole! (Charlie: Ah, excuse me!)
Demon  Doing what is required, we all have our role
Demon: I’m not doin’ well!
Demons: Another sh*tty day in Hell!

Charlie: If I can show them the dream I’ve dreamed
That any soul can change!
(Vaggie: Those angels’ minds are hard to change)
Then they will know everyone can be redeemed
From the evil to the strange!
(Vaggie: They’re bloodthirsty and deranged!)

I can hear all their stories
The lost and displaced
And I know that they’re more of an acquired taste
But if I open the door and I give them a place
At my Hazbin Hotel
It’ll be a happy day in Hell!

From the p*rn studio
Where the cinephiles go
To watch award-winning demon bukkake shows!
To the Cannibal Town
Where they don’t wear a frown ’cause
Holy shit! Ew, my gosh! WHY?!

And I don’t give a crow that
His brain’s got in my eye!
Cause I know I can spare them
From Heaven’s genocide!

I can do this, I just know it!
(Sinner: There’s an endless trash fire that’s burning my soul)
I’ll get Heaven behind my plans!
There’s just no way I could blow it
(Sinner: I kinda like the barbed wire that’s shoved in my hole)
Not this once-in-a-lifetime chance!
To change their minds
(Trenchcoat Demon: And touch my parts!)

Charlie: Uh… No thank you. I’m just gonna…
Fulfill my destiny!
(Trenchcoat Demon: Your loss, b*tch!)
I can already tell!
Today is gonna bе a f*ckin’ happy day in Hell!

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