Hey Boy

Hey Boy is a song from Netflix musical movie Over The Moon. The song is sung by Chang’e and Chin and performed by Phillipa Soo and Robert G. Chiu.

Hey Boy Lyrics

Chang’e: Welcome to my game – sweet Chin
You think that you’re so fast
Well you better think again
I’m the best
I’m the queen of Lunaria
And my serve is spectacularia

Oh Cho, another point for me
There’s only one way out of this misery
Poor Chin, I don’t want a rift
But it’s time for you to tell me the location of the gift

See I am a legend and I always win
The stars in the cosmos they bow to my whim
Come on Chin, I’m running out of time
I’ll keep you here forever ’till you give me what is mine

Hey boy, don’t you hold back
If you do betcha, queenie’s gonna getcha
Hey boy, better talk soon
Or never leave the dark side of the moon

Chin: Fei Fei is my sister
And I think that she’s the best
I’ve got a super power – I’m a cut above the rest
She needs a picture that I’ll prove you’re real
I’ll break through walls and seal this deal
I’ll smash it, pop it, top it and in the end I’ll win it

Chang’e: I’m losing my patience I’ve no time for this
This little nuisance is mine to dismiss

Chin: Fei Fei says I’m annoying
And maybe that’s a sign of another super power
And sa!
This game is mine

I’m faster than a comet
I’m a rocket through the galaxy
I’m in your face
And pff pfft pfft
And you ain’t catching me
And soon I’ll have that picture
And your Houyi will just have to pfft
If you weren’t so selfish he’d have immortality

Chang’e: Hey boy, hey boy
Give me what I’m looking for
Hey boy, hey boy

You will tell me what I need

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