I Feel Like Me

I Feel Like Me is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 2 episode 1 “Bison Ball / Dude, Where’s Our Egg?”. The song is sung by Fred and performed by Ezra Menas.

I Feel Like Me Lyrics

When I was just a baby bison
I was always following the herd
Conformity was so enticin’
But something deep inside me
Knew that it was absurd

And now I see
The inner me
I’m steppin’ out in my blue suit
I’m now the bison I want to be
I have a passion 
For this latest fashion
Without a doubt I’m steppin’ out
I feel like me!

Now that I chose
More stylin’ clothes
I’m lettin’ out what I held in
And now the real me truly shows
No more repressin’
No second-guessin’
Too long I’ve been keepin’ it in
I feel like me
Yeah, these new threads
Are truly Fred’s
I feel like me

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