It’s All Love (History of Funk)

It’s All Love (History of Funk) is a song from Trolls World Tour movie. It’s a song sung by Prince Darnell. The Song performed by Anderson Paak

It’s All Love (History of Funk) Lyrics

Prince Darnell:
Started off a team
Party ’til we fall asleep
Even on the street, when we disagreed
We did it on beat (did it on beat)
Respect the unique (right), anything less if it’s was weak
The music of the strings made life complete (facts)
‘Til that one day that changed everything
The Pop Trolls started snatchin’ up all of the strings (oh no)
Puttin’ melodies on top of popular beats
They cut us out of the scene
And then forgot what it really means (not even publish us)
Shoulda seen between all of the scheming
It seems like the Trolls they stole from were meaningless
Walkin’ around like they were the geniuses
But it’s only samples, autotune and remixes (no, Lord)
I’m a vegan, I don’t have no beef with them (no, Lord)
Gotta protect my kingdom
But the dream is to sing again (yes, yes)
Being friends, seamless blend
Harmony ain’t hard when the keys within you win

First, it was all love (at first, it was all love)
Hands up, superstar love (stars up)
That you can have it, you can have it all, love (and you can get it how you want)
But then you took it, took it all, love, all, love (they took it all)
Turn it up louder (turn the music up louder)
Sing along, get the crowd up (get the crowd up, come on)
But then you took it all, love (took it all, love)
Then forgot all about us (oh), but it’s all love

I feel you
Sounds good in my ear when I hear it like that
I feel you
I say I look good to the mirror and it says it right back (nothing says it like that)
I feel you
A little love wouldn’t kill you (a little love wouldn’t kill you)
You really did me wrong, it was real cruel (it was real cruel)
Had a lot of love and I still do, ’cause I feel you

Next morning, the elders were on it (man)
They saw the warning signs, couldn’t ignore it (look)
Had to figure out how to save the way of life they had made
So they made a play
The Pop Trolls were comin’ for it all
All for one and one for all
So the only way we saw (how we saw it)
It was one thing left to be done (what?)
Each leader grabbed a single string and said, “Run!”

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