I’ve Been Searching For You

I’ve Been Searching For You is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 9 “The Rift: Part 1”. The song is sung by Horse and Rider and performed by Kimiko Glenn and Jessie Mueller.

I’ve Been Searching For You Lyrics

Horse: You’re okay
You’re all right
I’ll never ever leave your side
I will stay
I will fight

Rider: With you

Horse: It’s you
It’s really you
I can’t believe it
There’s so much I wanna say
Too much I--
Oh, by the way
I talk now
That’s something new
That’s something we will get to later
But first
Let me just enjoy this moment
When meeting in the middle

Rider: It’s you
It’s really you
Despite the changes
I would know you anywhere
The voice, the face, the hair
Might all be different
But you’re still you
And all I wanna do is
Hold you close again

Both: I have journeyed from so far
To meet you in the middle
‘Cause I’ve been searching for you
And I was so afraid
That I would lose my place
And our memories would fade
Or you’d move on somehow
And I’d lose my closest family 

Horse: I have been searching 
Rider: I have been searching 
Both: And I knew
That you were searching for me

Horse: I wondered
What if I forget your face?
Rider: I know
And what if you move on without me? 

Both: What if I found the way back
But you weren’t there?
Horse: It’s you 
Rider: It’s really you
Horse: Feels like I’m dreaming
But now finally you’re here 
Rider: I never ever wanna
See you disappear again
Now that you’re near to me

Both: I promise
That I’ll never let you go

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