Mr. Greg

Mr. Greg is a song from Cartoon Network TV Series “Steven Universe” season 3 episode 8 “Mr. Greg”. The song is sung by Greg, Steven, Pearl, and the employees of Le Hotel.

Mr. Greg Lyrics

Ricky: Hey, shake a leg! (Hotel Employees: Hey, shake a leg!)
It’s Mr. Greg (It’s Mr. Greg)
And he’s here to spend his dough all over the town.
Hotel Employees: He’s got the bucks.
Greg: I’ve got the bucks.
Hotel Employees: It’s all deluxe.
Greg: It’s all deluxe.
When you’re dining out with me, it’s the finest steak and brie.
And if I break a table
It ain’t no – whoa!
(Just bill it to my bank.)
Ricky: A hundred bucks? Gee, thanks!

Pearl: I must admit…
Steven and Greg: You must admit.
Pearl: It’s a perfect fit!
Steven and Greg: You look great in it!
Pearl: And those fountains I found wasteful are actually quite tasteful.
This city’s got its charm, unlike that termite-ridden barn,
and any time with Steven makes for a delightful evenin’!
Greg: You’re having fun!
Pearl: More or less…
Greg: So dance with me! Just say--
Pearl: No!

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