Once Shattered, Now Whole

Once Shattered, Now Whole is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 special episode 8 “The Last Lullaby”. The song is sung by General, Woman and Elk and performed by Brian d’Arcy James, Lea Salonga and Brian Stokes Mitchell.

Once Shattered, Now Whole Lyrics

Together: Once shattered, now whole
Once whole, now united
Once united, now eternal

General: I swear
I will never stop thinking about you
You have come to set me free
Woman: Love is a spark
General: And if you should hurt me
I’ll always forgive you 
Woman: Love’s an ever-glowing blaze
General: You are a part of me
Woman: I will never part from you

Together: Once shattered, now whole 
Elk: She was meant to be mine
Together: Once whole, now united
Elk: And my love for her runs eternal
Together: Once united, now eternal
And with this ring, I pledge 
And with this ring, my love, I pledge
Elk: My love, I pledge
All: Never to leave your side
Even through hardship
And darkness and pain
From you, I won’t hide

Woman: Once shattered, now whole
General: Once whole, now united
All: Once united
Now eternal

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