Pick Me

Pick Me is a song from season 4 Sofia The First episode 8 “The Mystic Isles: The Mare of the Mist”. It is sung by Skye and Minimus and performed by Andrew Rannells and Eric Stonestreet.

Pick Me Lyrics

Minimus: Our long and famous history
Will show that I’m the one you need
And there can be no mystery
For I am your Protector Steed
They counted us out when they knocked us down
But we gave it another try
Then we beat them all and we won the Crown
Cause that’s just how we fly
We’re like arrows through the sky

Pick me
Do I need to mention
We’ve been side by side
To the Kingdom’s end and back again
It fills my heart with pride
Skye: Pick me
Do I need to mention
I’m a unicorn
I’m the noblest steed
I’m what you need
A rose without a single thorn
And I got a horn

I don’t get lost, I don’t get mad
On that you have my sacred word
And I would add, I’m a unicorn
In case you somehow had not heard
With me as your guide, you will never fail
We’ll be poetry in flight
Minimus: Well if he’s a poem, we’re an epic tale
With chapters left to write
Skye: Hey, there’s no need to pick a fight

Just pick me
Do I need to mention
There’s no time to lose
Cause your job depends on how all this ends
And who you choose to choose
Minimus: Pick me
Do I need to mention
I’m loyal as can be
As you’re friend, I’m sworn
Skye: But I’m a unicorn
Both: The answer’s obviously
Pick me
Pick me
Pick me
Minimus: Hey, over here
Pick me
Skye: Pick me
Minimus: Pick me
Both: Pick me

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