Sasha Theme Song Takeover

Sasha Theme Song Takeover is a song from Disney Channel TV Show Amphibia. The song is sung by Sasha and performed by Anna Akana.

Sasha Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

I showed up here in the swamp
With all these nasty weird toad dudes
Their boss, Grime, threw me in jail
With only bugs for food

But then I helped fight these monster herons
And taught Grime to be a charmer
I gave up despairing
‘Cause Grime made me lieutenant with this dope armor

I trained the toad army
I overworked them ’til they cry
Every morning, I would teach them tai chi
And do frog jumps ’til it hurt
All the toads adored me
We even made these custom t-shirts
I got my own palace
With this much improved cuisine
Now the toads all treat me like their queen

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