Scary Holiday Song (Broken Karaoke)

Scary Holiday Song is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee musical short “Broken Karaoke”. The song is sung by Scratch and performed by Dana Snyder.

Scary Holiday Song Lyrics

Scratch: We wish you a scary Christmas
Not your ordinary Christmas
A fun cemetery Christmas
And a frightful New Year!

We’ll sneak eyeballs in your ciders
Stuff stockings with worms and spiders
Unleash headless reindeer riders
Spreading holiday fear.

Scratch and ghosts: Good hauntings we bring whereever you hide
Our one Christmas wish is for you petrified.

Scratch: We wish you a scary Christmas
Our own customary Christmas
It’s only a Merry Christmas
When the spirits appear!

Libby: Well, my family celebrates Hanukkah, so I have nothing to worry about
Scratch: Oh yes you do, Libby! I’ve got you covered!

Scratch: I have a haunted dreidel
I’ve made it out of bones
And when it lands on “Gimel”
Say hi to your gravestone

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel
You can spin it if you dare
Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel
I hope it gives you nightmares!

Libby: I think you just scarred me for life… but thanks for being inclusive.

Scratch with other Ghosts: Regardless of your tradition
Us ghouls here are on a mission
To stoke fear and superstition
For a frightful New Year!

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