Things Make You Happy

Things Make You Happy is a song from 2021 Netflix musical animated short film “Robin Robin“. The song is sung by Magpie and performed by Richard E. Grant.

Things Make You Happy Lyrics

Things, they make you happy
Things won’t fly away 
Things will stick… 
…with you till the end
Oh, yes, on things you can depend

See my bathtub? It’s designer
Finest china! Well, kinda
Simply must have the latest bottle top
I love it so, I’ll never stop
This chair? Hedgehog hair
Pamperclips? I’ve got the pair 
This is a limited edition 
Piece of string

I was a bird who couldn’t fly
Felt tiny while they flew up high 
Surrounded myself
With things so gorgeous
Felt enormous!
So afraid and alone
Things turn a hovel to a home

Got no personality?
I let my lampshade speak for me
Hollow inside? You’re not enough?
Just stuff that hole with lovely stuff

Things are things that make you happy
Who needs friends? I’ve got a shoe chair
No one there for you to care for?
Polish up your silverware for? 
There’s no better company
Than one penny

A Crimcross Story / Things Make You Happy Soundtrack Version

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