The Sneak Song

The Sneak Song is a song from 2021 Netflix musical animated short film “Robin Robin“. The song is sung by Robin and mice and performed by Bronte Carmichael, Adeel Akhtar, Amira Macey-Michael, Tom Pegler, Endeavour Clutterbuck, Megan Harris.

The Sneak Song Lyrics

The rules of The Sneak are simple
And thus
Follow them close
You could steal a crust
Or a crumpet rind
Or a pinch of pie
Or the grease from the tip
Of a soggy french fry

Crumbs and crusts and stale bread 
Soggy flakes and bin dregs
Any old leftovers
We’ll sneak home with us 

First find a secret entrance
Keep your eyes open wide
For a hole
Or a crack or a window with a gap
Just enough to squeeze inside

Once we’re in, we creep around
Tiptoe past without a sound 
Keep to the shadows
Don’t get heard
Whisper every single word 
-Come on.

Last, the most important
Remember in the who-man place
They’re choosy who’s invited
So we must never leave a trace

Crumbs and crusts and stale bread
Soggy flakes and bin dregs 
Any old leftovers
We’ll sneak home with us
A whole sandwich!

When we’re done, we disappear
Nobody knows that we were here

With crumbs in our hands 
Warmth in our hearts
And the sludge from the tin
Of a moldy jam tart

Don’t make a sound 
Don’t leave a trace
Keep to the shadows, take what we need
The rules of The Sneak are these
Da-da-doo-da-loo, whoop!

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