Someday My Prince Will Come

Someday My Prince Will Come is a song from 1937 Disney musical animated film “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs“. The song is sung by Snow White and performed by Adriana Caselotti.

Someday My Prince Will Come Lyrics

Snow White: Once there was a princess–
Doc: Was the princess…you?
Snow White: And she fell in love.
Sneezy: Was it hard to do?
Snow White: It was very easy. Anyone could see that the prince was charming. The only one for me.
Doc: Was he, uh, strong and handsome?
Sneezy: Was he big and tall?
Snow White: There’s nobody like him. Anywhere at all.
Bashful: Did he say he loved ya?
Happy: Did he steal a kiss?
Snow White: He was so romantic,
I could not resist.

Someday my prince will come
Someday we’ll meet again
And away to his castle we’ll go
To be happy forever, I know

Grumpy: Heh. Mush.

Snow White: Someday when spring is here
We’ll find a love anew
And the birds will sing,
And wedding bells will ring
Someday when my dreams come true

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