Special Time Of Year (Amphibia Christmas Song)

Special Time Of Year is a song from Disney Channel TV Show Amphibia season 3 special episode “Froggy Little Christmas”. The song is sung by Rebecca Sugar (cameo) and performed by Rebecca Sugar.

Special Time Of Year Lyrics

I’m sure you feel it coming
There’s something on the breeze
It might be slightly snowing,
Or 70 degrees
Regardless of your hemisphere
The holidays are here
And with them come the tidings of
This special time of year

A bucket of fried chicken
A costume for your dad
A demon who will stuff you
In a sack if you’ve been bad
A reindeer gets promoted
An old man confronts his fear
of karma and mortality
The special time of year

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever gets you through
Whatever lets you know that-
I am feeling this with you
If you believe it’s special
Then that’s what makes it special
It’s a special, It’s a special
It’s our special time of year

Full Song With Instrumental Final Part

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