The Magic of Andalasia

The Magic of Andalasia is a song from 2022 Disney musical live-action film “Disenchanted“. The song is sung by Edward and Nancy Tremaine and performed by James Marsden and Idina Menzel.

The Magic of Andalasia Lyrics

Nancy and Edward: Presenting your Wand of Wishes,
The most magical of tools!
Use it for joy and happiness.
Just be sure you know… the rules!

Edward: Here’s the Magic
Of Andalasia
Contained in this wondrous wishing wand.
We bring some magic
From Andalasia
To this drab and most unmagic world beyond.

Nancy: This wishing wand,
She will be so enthused
By what fun she can have
To this gift you brought her.
But just remember, it can only be used by…
Edward: A true Andalasian son!
Nancy: Or daughter!
Nancy and Edward: She’s a true Andalasian goddaughter.

Edward: With this magic…
Nancy: With this magic…
Edward: From Andalasia…
Nancy: From Andalasia…
Nancy and Edward: When she longs for something heart and soul,
She’ll use the magic
Of Andalasia.
Edward: And if she has questions,
Just consult the scroll!

NancyYou just ask the scroll any question and the answer will appear.
EdwardOr, I suppose, in this land, you just… read it? (laughs) How do you live in this place?

Nancy and Edward: We bring love from
And offer belated birthday cheer.
For to this wand from
Flows the magic from our magic world to here.
May it bring to her
A little bit of Andalasia

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